What Makes Movies Work?

What Makes Movies Work?
Unconscious Processes And Collective Creativity In Filmmaking

Sunday 13 April 2.00pm
The Courtyard Hereford

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Jungian analyst, writer, filmmaker, broadcaster and lecturer, Christopher Hauke will explore the unconscious processes of creativity at work in making movies. He will discuss how unconscious processes are recognized and incorporated in movie making at many levels and stages of production from initial concept and script development to shooting and editing, and how such unconscious, and unanticipated aspects combine and compete with the conscious planning of movies. The presentation will include clips from a wide range of films from Hollywood to the experimental.

Christopher Hauke is the author of Human Being Human: Culture and the Soul, Jung and the Postmodern: The Interpretation of Realities, and co-edited Jung and Film: Post-Jungian Takes on the Moving Image.

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