This Is England

This Is England (15)

Director: Shane Meadows
Starring: Thomas Turgoose, Stephen Graham, Jo Hartley
UK, 2006, 1 hour 40 minutes

Friday 28 March 8.00pm
Market Theatre Ledbury

Saturday 29 March 7.00pm
St Mary's Church Hall Ross

1983 - the year of the Royal Wedding, Rubik Cubes, and Margaret Thatcher in her post-Falklands prime. Growing up in a grim coastal town with no mates, 12 year-old Shaun is adopted by a group of friendly skinheads who soon introduce him to the latest fashions, girls and parties. Then National Front nutter Combo returns and things get distinctly leery. Fantastically performed and beautifully set (with the styles and mood of Thatcher's Britain captured to a T), this is the best British movie in years.

Winner of the Best British Film BAFTA

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