Special People

Special People (PG)

Director: Justin Edgar
Starring: Dominic Coleman, Robyn Frampton, Sasha Hardway, Jason Maza
UK, 2007, 1 hour 20 minutes

Saturday 5 April 4.30pm
Thursday 10 3.20pm
The Courtyard Hereford

A hilarious comedy will make you laugh, cry and cringe. Jasper is a filmmaker on the verge of a nervous breakdown whose last hopes of making a great cinematic masterpiece lie with a group of disabled teenagers at a run down community centre. Jasper aims to make a truthful film from the young people's own experiences. In the end however, the kids have a different idea about the film they want to make and the reality of their lives. Special People is the first UK feature film to boast an ensemble cast of entirely disabled actors.

The director, Justin Edgar and actress Robyn Frampton will take part in a discussion after the screening on Thursday

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