Sherlock Junior and One Week

Sherlock Junior and One Week (U)
With live piano accompaniment by Paul Shallcross

Saturday 12 April 7.30pm
Regal Tenbury Wells

Sherlock Junior

Director: Buster Keaton. Starring: Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire,
Joe Keaton. USA, 1924, 45 minutes

Buster plays a cinema projectionist, framed for theft, who daydreams himself into life as a daring detective. As well as a great chase sequence full of superbly timed gags there is the unforgettable moment when Buster forces his way onto the screen and into the movie he is projecting only to find himself beset by perils. Only an artist aware of the complex appeal to fantasy in cinema could have conceived this masterpiece, the most philosophically eloquent of silent comedies.

One Week

Directors: Edward F Cline & Buster Keaton. Starring: Buster Keaton, Sybil Seely, Joe Roberts. USA, 1920, 18 minutes

This fast moving, zany, original and daring film catapulted Buster Keaton to international fame. It both looks back to the hilarious Keystone Cops but also contains many features which would become the hallmarks of Keaton's classic features such as The General, The Navigator & Sherlock Junior. Remembered for his deadpan face in response to the tricks of malignant fate, Keaton was a profound comic genius with a bleak, absurdist vision of the world, whose artistry and humour remain timeless.

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