Rural Archive Screenings

Rural Archive Screenings

Friday 11th April, 7:30 pm
Lion Ballroom, Leominster
Tickets £5
Booking Number: 01568 780761

The Leominster Civic Society presents an evening of archive film courtesy of the River of Life project and the Media Archive for Central England. The films depict rural life in Herefordshire from the 1960s to 1980s: Peter Brown Reports from Herefordshire shows short news items from the summer of 1960; God Speed the Plough focuses on the national ploughing competition at Ross-on-Wye in 1974, featuring local ploughman Horace Samuels; Real Life on the Black Mountains is a charming archive film based on cine footage taken with hill farmers over three decades from the 1950s on; and England, Their England filmed with families around Brilley, Arrowview, Eardisley and at Kington in 1987 asks the question - what does the future hold for the countryside?

God Speed the Plough will also be screened at Ross-on-Wye on Tuesday 8th April with Atonement.

Real Life on the Black Mountains will be screened as an archive short on 28th March at Ewyas Harold, Little Dewchurch & Bosbury, on 3rd April at Brilley and 5th April at Ballingham. For more details on the film see Herefordshire Archive Films.

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