The Page Turner

The Page Turner (15)

Director: Denis Dercourt
Starring: Catherine Frot, Deborah Francois, Pascal Greggory
France, 2006, 1 hour 25 minutes, subtitles

Tuesday 8 April 7.00pm
Garway Village Hall

A suspenseful psychological drama in the style of Hitchcock or Chabrol that is meticulously made, beautifully shot, and features two exceptional lead performances. This is the story of the icily determined Melanie, a butcher's daughter, whose chance of a career in music is ruined by the careless disregard of Ariane, a successful concert pianist. Ten years later Melanie comes to work for Ariane and soon makes herself indispensable, both domestically and on the concert platform. A cool, extremely elegant and often witty film, brim full of wonderful music.

"stylish, subtle and highly assured" Geoff Andrew, Time Out

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