Luxury Car

Luxury Car (15)

Director: Wang Chao
Starring: Tian Yuan, Wu You Cai, Li Yi Qing, Huang He
China/France, 2006, 1 hour 28 minutes, subtitles

Sunday 6 April 6.15pm
The Courtyard Hereford

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Beautifully directed, faultlessly performed, Wang Chao's third feature has a generosity of spirit and a general sense of melancholy that combine to offer an emotionally satisfying experience and a piercing insight into contemporary China. A country schoolteacher comes to the city in search of his missing son. He is helped by a kindly policeman and by his daughter, who struggles to keep from him the sordid reality of her job as a 'comfort girl' in a trendy karaoke bar. But her boss and lover, the bar-owner, is well known to the cop.

Winner of Un Certain Regard for Best Film Cannes Film Festival 2006

"With its themes of filial disillusion and urban malaise... [this] reminiscent of a classic Ozu melodrama" Edinburgh Film Festival

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