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Sunday 6 April 6.30pm
The Courtyard Hereford

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Naomi Vera-Sanso presents a retrospective of two films made under the River of Life Archive Film project along with short news clips from the 1960s and 1970s.

Wartime Secrets

Director: Naomi Vera-Sanso, UK, 2005, 32 minutes

In 2004 a dusty old chest of black and white films, unseen since the 1940s was discovered in Herefordshire. Beautifully shot at the Barronia Metals Factory in Blackfriars Street, it shows the workers as they do their bit for the war effort, making parts for Wellingtons and Spitfires. From this amazing find a short film has been produced that captures the essence of those wartime days.

Herefordshire in the News

A collection of archive news items made as inserts to regional news programmes: on wassailing, an old Hereford doctor, the landladies at the Old Tavern, Kington, new developments in the 60s and the Peterchurch steeple.
Courtesy of the Media Archive for Central England

Real Life on the Black Mountains

Director: Naomi Vera-Sanso, UK, 2007, 17 minutes

A celebration of the cine films made from the late 50s onwards by a housekeeper living up high on the Black Mountains. The films capture a unique record of the farming year and highlight the annual summer shows with their thrilling bareback rodeo competitions. The original cine film is interwoven with interviews of the film-maker and farmers who remember the old ways to produce a charming and thought provoking film.

Real Life will also be screened on 28th March at Ewyas Harold, Little Dewchurch & Bosbury, on 3rd April at Brilley, 5th April at Ballingham and 12th April at Bodenham

God Speed the Plough will be screened in Leominster at the Rural Archive Screenings and at Ross-on-Wye on Tuesday 8th April with Atonement.

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