Comrades In Dreams

Comrades in Dreams (PG)

Director: Uli Gaulke
Germany, 2006 1 hour 40 minutes, subtitles

Monday 7 April 4.15pm
The Courtyard Hereford

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A lovely warm portrayal of the lives of the staff of 4 cinemas; the only female Comrade Projectionist at the People's Cultural Hall in North Korea, the 3 guys who pick up the films on their scooters for The Emergence in Burkina Faso, the young entrepreneur who runs a cinema in a huge tent in Gujarat, and the volunteers who run the little Flicks in Hicksville USA. The common theme is an obsessive dedication that puts their love of cinema above all other interests. Hugely engaging and quietly moving this starts off as a film about cinemas and becomes a film about life, love, dreams and the pursuit of happiness. Not to be missed by anyone who loves the cinema!

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