Celine And Julie Go Boating

Celine And Julie Go Boating (12A)

Director: Jacques Rivette
Starring: Juliet Berto, Bulle Ogier, Barbet Schroeder
France, 1974, 3 hours 12 minutes, subtitles

Monday 7 April 2.00pm
The Courtyard Hereford

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An exhilarating plunge into the delights and terrors of memory and imagination, this is a surreal, entrancing examination of the nature of filmmaking and film-watching. Celine, a magician, and Julie, a librarian meet in Montmartre, and wind up sharing the same flat, bed, fiancée, clothes, identity and imagination. Thanks to a magic sweet they also find themselves spectators in a curious melodrama unfolding in a mysterious suburban house. A dazzling, mischievous, playful comedy that demonstrates the power of cinema, how conventions can be flouted and narratives fractured, provided the spectator is willing to suspend disbelief.

"The most innovative film since Citizen Kane" David Thomson

Winner Special Jury Prize Locarno International Film Festival 1974

Movie MailThe film will be introduced by Liz Bomford, a cine photographer and writer, specialising in the natural world. She has made 25 films for Anglia Television's Survival series and has also worked for the BBC Natural History Unit.
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