Saturday 24 2.00pm
The Courtyard Hereford

Rang De Basanti (15)

Director: Rakesh Omprakash Mehra
Starring: Aamir Khan,
Siddharth, Alice Patten
India, 2006, 2 hours 37 minutes, subtitles

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Arriving in India, an idealistic young woman enlists a gang of friends to make a documentary about the revolutionaries who challenged the Raj in the 1920s. Initially the layabout students scoff at the ideals of the past, but they find that there are many parallels with the problems they face today and they are soon on a collision course with the powers-that-be. A compelling drama of youthful awakening that has inspired protest marches across India as young people challenge the endemic corruption of the country's political system.

"A rare gem...Rang De Basanti breaks the mould by offering something more sophisticated than the standard musical melodrama." BBC

Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film BAFTA

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