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Close To Home (15)

Directors: Dalia Hagar, Vidi Bilu
Starring: Smadar Sayar,
Naama Schendar, Irit Suki
Israel, 2005, 1 hour 30 minutes, subtitles

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Two 18 year-old women soldiers, mischievous rebel Smadar and introverted Mirit, patrol Jerusalem's streets, checking the papers of any Arabs they see, work they both find tedious and demeaning. Initially frosty, a brittle friendship develops as they deal with the rigours of military service and their own emotional issues, as well as the political reality of what they have to do. Through the eyes of two totally believable characters we see an utterly compelling and hugely enjoyable portrait of modern Jerusalem that subtly raise questions about the role of women in the occupation.

"We wanted to make a film with a political meaning. We wanted to make people think, but not tell them what to think..."
Dalia Hagar, Vidi Bilu

Winner New Cinema Forum Award Berlin

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