Friday 23 7.30pm Gorsley Village Hall
Saturday 31 7pm St Mary's Church Hall, Ross
Friday 23 7.30pm All Stretton Village Hall

The Cave of the Yellow Dog (PG)

Director: Byambasuren Davaa.
Starring: Urjindori Batchuluun, Batbayar Batchuluun, Nansal Batchuluun
Germany/Mongolia, 2005, 1 hour 33 minutes, subtitles

Byambasuren's follow-up to The Story of the Weeping Camel is a hugely enchanting depiction of nomad family life and the breathtaking landscape they live in. With a minimum of drama, the film shows the simple beauty inherent in the daily routines of a nomad family living far out on the Mongolian plains.

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