Borderlines FIlm Festival

Sex With Love (18)

Director: Boris Quercia
Starring: Patricio Contreras, Sigrid Alegria, Maria Izquierdo
Chile, 2003, 1 hour 48 minutes, subtitles

A hilarious comedy about how honest people are (or aren’t) when it comes to talking about sex. Starting at a parents evening at which they discuss their children’s sex education this saucy romp briskly introduces the main characters and their hang-ups. Chilean through and through, among the issues touched on are those of infidelity (in a country where divorce is illegal), unwanted pregnancy (in a country where abortion is illegal), homosexuality (in a continent where machismo dominates) and incest. The most successful film in Chile’s history, its comedy is often broad and the sex candid, but it’s not only a lot of fun but also offers telling insights into how people’s attitudes to sex impact on their partners, their children and indeed all those around them.

Winner of Best Director Award Huelva Latin American Film Festival 2003

English premiere

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