Borderlines FIlm Festival

Screaming Masterpiece (PG)

Director: Ari Alexander
Starring: Bjork, Mum, Sigur Ros, Minus, Slow Blow
Iceland,2005, 1 hour 27 minutes, subtitles

Exploring the diverse Icelandic music scene that is on the verge of achieving global cult status, Screaming Masterpiece features Bjork, Mum, Sigur Ros and some stunning photography of Iceland’s storm-lashed coastline. Full of live footage of a wonderful variety of bands, the journey explores how the ancient and modern interact from the eccentric melodies of traditional poetry to the current explosion of electronica, hip-hop, punk and thrash metal. Revealing the cultural mix from which these bands have emerged Screaming Masterpiece clearly sets the vibrant music scene in Reykjavik in the context of the wider culture and the influence of the wintry Icelandic landscape. You know you’re witnessing something completely different when Sigur Ros team up with the Head Druid of the ancient Icelandic pagans to produce an eerie rendition of an ancient poem about Odin, the God of poetry and the dead.

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