Borderlines FIlm Festival

Night & Day (15)

Director: Wang Chao
Starring: Liu Lei, Wang Lan, Xiao Ming
China, 2004, 1 hour 35 minutes, subtitles

When an explosion rips through the mine where he works Guangsheng is the only survivor. He inherits not only the mine, but also a wife and her simple son. Torn between his family obligations and his desire to make his fortune, the taciturn Guangsheng, is caught in a web of desire, guilt, social pressure, and self-loathing. Beautifully shot on the wind-swept banks of the Yellow River, and featuring a tremendously subtle performance from Liu Lei, this is a quietly enthralling story that tells of night and day, yin and yang, of life following death, and death bringing forth life.

Winner of the Best Film Prize at the Festival of 3 Continents Nantes 2004

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