The White Stripes -
Under Blackpool Lights (PG)

Director: Vic Carruthers
Starring: Jack White and Meg White
UK, 2004, 1 hour 17 minutes

A stripped down riot of feral, bluesy rock ’n’ roll from the hottest pair of rockers on the planet. Meg & Jack tear through their back catalogue delivering 26 songs including impassioned covers of Dolly’s Jolene and Dylan’s Outlaw Blues. Neatly edited to reveal the duo’s onstage chemistry, Jack faces the frenzied crowd when playing loud, but sidles up to gaze into Meg’s eyes when the volume drops. Jack is a multicoloured blur of ferocious energy while Meg’s beehive shakes wildly, her bare feet tapping away at the drums. The film highlights the Stripes' simplicity and strength - everything is played at break-neck speed and with lots of primitive energy and passion - and shows how two people can create wild rock ‘n’ roll with one guitar and one bad drum kit.

“The best live band on the planet right now” Mojo

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