The Sound of Brazil (PG)

Best of British

Director: Mika Kaurismaki
Starring: 50 Brazilian Bands
Germany/Finland/France/Brazil, 2002, 1 hour 45 mins, subtitles

There are echoes of Buena Vista Social Club in this musical journey that explores the roots and rhythms of Brazilian music far beyond the familiar samba and bossa nova. Kaurismaki (who has lived in Brazil for 10 years) is the perfect guide on a trip around the dusty back roads of the impoverished North East and on to the carnival streets of Rio. His deadpan commentary is kept to a minimum so as to leave plenty of room for over 50 different musical numbers. These range from spontaneous performances from ancient, toothless, street musicians to full-scale pop promos from an all-girl dance group and an exhilarating funk percussion band from the Rio favelas. Thoroughly enjoyable; guaranteed to have you dancing in your seats. Or to put a broad smile on your face at the very least!

See this if you liked Amandla!, Buena Vista Social Club, Central Station.

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