Dear Frankie (12A)

Best of British

Director: Shona Auerbach
Starring: Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler,
Jack McElhone, Sharon Small
UK, 2004, 1 hour 43 minutes

Young Frankie has never met his father, but they keep in touch via letters. At least, that’s what Frankie thinks – in reality every few weeks, his mum, Lizzie, writes a make believe letter telling the deaf boy of his father’s life at sea. But when his ship is due to dock in their hometown her deception seems bound to unravel – unless she can find someone to pretend to be his Dad for a day. Beautifully filmed in soft, wintry colours, this is a sweet, gently told, moving tale about a mother’s deep love for her child that is full of well-drawn characters - the grumpy, chain-smoking Grannie, Frankie’s mates in school. A remarkable debut, featuring exceptional understated performances from the two leads that draws you into their intense, self-contained world and leaves you hoping for the best for Lizzie and Frankie.

“Wonderful, enchanting,” Daily Mail

“A bona-fide mini-masterpiece” GQ

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Director Shona Auerbach will introduce her film

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