Afterlife (15)

Best of British

Director: Alison Peebles
Starring: Lindsay Duncan, Paula Sage,
Kevin McKidd, Shirley Henderson
UK, 2003, 1 hour 44 minutes

On the verge of a big break, hard-nosed journalist Kenny finds himself forced to reassess his life when he learns that his mother is dying and that he must take care of his sister Roberta who has Down’s Syndrome. As always Kidd is excellent, but he’s eclipsed by a superb performance from Down’s Syndrome actress Paula Sage whose character drives both plot and humour. Whether putting Kenny in his place with bolshy comebacks or knowingly colluding with her mother to get benefits, Roberta comically challenges presumptions and provokes curiosity about the contradictions of Down’s. Carefully avoiding any sentimentality, Peebles tells a poignant story with great wit and affection for the characters - a real delight.

Director Alison Peebles will introduce her film

Winner of the Edinburgh Film Festival Audience Award 2003

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